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The Eighth Colour

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Radio Free Terracon (aka, I was bored) May. 27th, 2010 @ 04:24 pm

In other news, people should start really thinking about what they can do on Radio Free Terracon this year. Content -> RFT happening -> More content -> Fun!

NOTE TO LINGUISTS: I have since realised that it should be ФРИИ (or something like that at least) instead of ФРЕЕ, but since I didn't save my work as I did it I'd have to do it all over again, and I am currently not bored enough to do that :P

LARP: Actually Organised Zomg May. 27th, 2010 @ 01:04 pm
Hey dudes,

To mark it out on your calendar, I'll be running a LARP weapons making workshop in the Cameron hall loft on Sunday 20th June from 4pm - 8pm and from Monday 21st June at 12-3:30. This will be to make weapons for the terracon larp, if you wish to make your own. Foam, tape, and spraypaint will be available, along with a few tools, but if you could bring your own tools (stanley knife, measuring tape, scissors, etc) it'll make things a lot easier with bottlenecks.

If you can make it (and wish to) let me know, so I can get an idea of rough numbers. If you can't make it because the days chosen are lame, let me know and I'll see if I can organise another date.


Terracon: Assassins May. 25th, 2010 @ 04:15 pm
Hey all,

I'll be running a game of assassins over the course of Terracon. Email/message me if you're interested.


Book Club Book In and Screening Wednesday May. 25th, 2010 @ 12:35 pm

Got the book club book 'Glasshouse' by Charles Stross in. So anyone who asked for one, they're in the clubroom in the cupboard. Get an exec to open it for ya, they cost $21. (Or pay $20 if you want cos that's how much I initially said they cost, and I'll cover the difference since I was wrong.)

Also, I have an extra copy because I thought someone wanted one who didn't.

Screening on Wednesday is more of Twin Peaks (we're a few eps into season 2 now). 7pm Wednesday, Clubroom.

That's all for now.


Boy, have we got a movie for you May. 18th, 2010 @ 09:22 pm

"written and directed by Michael Crichton...
It stars Yul Brynner as a lifelike robot in a futuristic Western-themed amusement park, and Richard Benjamin and James Brolin as customers who are attacked by the park's robots when a computer virus turns the robots against the customers...
The story is set sometime in the near future, in a high-tech, highly realistic fictional adult amusement park called Delos. The entertainment consists primarily of interaction between the guests and androids that are almost indistinguishable from human beings. For a price of $1,000 per day, guests may indulge in any fantasy, including killing or having sex with the androids. The androids are programmed to act in character for each of the park's three themed zones: WesternWorld (the American Old West), MedievalWorld (medieval Europe), and RomanWorld (pre-Christian Rome)."

TOMORROW NIGHT 7PM in the Clubroom
Other entries
» John Robertson - A Nifty History of Evil!
Direct from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival - and coming to Perth for 4 shows only!


What could be more fun than the best bits of world history - with all the icky, squishy, bone- crunching stuff left in?

Come and see puppets, vampires, a ukulele, the Marquis de Sade, Rasputin the Mad Monk and a galaxy of rogues, rebels and rapscallions. There’ll be explosions, trouble, laughs and the very, very charming John Robertson.

Pick up tickets at any BOCS outlet
Dates 26 - 29 May

BOCS Booking Special: Groups of ten get the tenth ticket free.

"his clever quips had the crowd roaring with laughter" - Australian Comedy Review

"Manic genius... one day, he will take over the world." - Word of Mouth Reviews Dot Com

"an entertaining and informative show... a unique take on black humour" - Beat Magazine.

"cheeky... brilliant." **** - ThreeWeeks in Edinburgh

"The highlight was Robertson... he's funny and sharp" - The Daily Telegraph

“a delight... commanding to watch” - The Groggy Squirrel

One of ZOO Magazine's Top Ten Young Aussie Comedians
» Screening Wed. 12th May: Twin Peaks
Hey UniSFA,

Screening this Wednesday, normal time 7pm in the clubroom. Twin Peaks.
I think we're up to episode 6 or 7?

Don't forget, Wine and Cheese Night this Saturday!

All from me,

» Screening 5th May and some dude wants to make a documentary with us in it
Hi UniSFA,

Two things today,

1. Screening tomorrow 7pm as usual. Given we've shown twin peaks for the past 2 weeks I'm thinking we should do something different tomorrow. I don't really mind what. If you want to screen something tell me/bring it, otherwise I'll bring some movies along or we can watch something in the unisfa cupboard. We'll vote or something when we're all there. First past the post? Proportional? Preferential?

2. Some people sent committee an email (I think they're from CIT) Anyway apparently they want to make a documentary about sci fi fans. So yeah, if you feel like talking about how much you love unisfa or star trek or the perth sci fi scene let me know and I'll put you in contact or w/e. We've said they can come check out the clubroom and talk to some committee members (Sarah and I) so far, though we're checking what the guild position on filming inside guild buildings is (I have no idea whether this is an issue or not).

Other than that, Terracon forms should be out soon, we've got the quiz night forms in the clubroom (talk to committee, we'll sort ya out) or email the quiz night email: quiz@ucc.asn.au

All from me for now,

» Screening Wednesday 28th April: Twin Peaks eps 3+
Hey Unisfa,

Same deal as usual. Starts at 7, watch some episodes, eat popcorn (we bought some on the FAL run - just for screenings!)

After this week will probably alternate twin peaks with other stuff each week (as long as interest in it continues)

» Book Club Order Going in on Tuesday
Sup Unisfa

I'll be ordering the book club book 'Glasshouse' by Charles stross on tuesday,
as such you have to tell me now if you want a copy (though you can get your own at white dwarf/fantastic planet/borders anyway, at least one will probably have them in stock).

On my list so far I have:
nic c
frenchie? - wasn't quite sure what was happening with you last two, tell me?

(though I know a few others have copies/are getting their own in other ways/borrowing)

cost will be $20 each, pay me when i give you your book


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